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Business Applications monitoring

EGAR Technology provides solutions for the management and monitoring of business applications that enable in the most complex IT landscape the provision of monitoring and trouble-free conducting of business transactions, particularly those that form the core business processes of the organization, that are responsible for the achievement of the main results of its activity.

EGAR Technology builds hardware-software solutions for IT monitoring on the leading vendorХs products in this segment first of all on CA Technologies (CA Application Performance Management Р CA APM) and Oracle (Oracle Application Management Suite (AMS), Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)).

Up-to-date IT infrastructures often involve the use of heterogeneous information systems and products from many suppliers. Monitoring business applications deployed by EGAR Technology overcome the limitations of local monitoring tools to provide reliability of a single element of the system – software, integration interface, database or application server, and form a centralized monitoring system.

For example, the CA Technologies APM solution provides performance monitoring across the application lifecycle and can help organizations confront today’s new reality while enabling collaboration across silos. CA APM’s core capabilities deliver value across lifecycle stages.

Figure1. The CA APM solution - core capabilities

  • Business Impact

CA APM allows to monitor, analyze, and report on transactions throughout any IT environment whether physical, virtual or in the cloud, so the solution gives an opportunity to quickly identify issues and resolve problems before they disrupt critical services. Innovative transaction performance management capabilities also allow to prioritize problem resolution according to business impact.

CA APM gives more control of any externally and internally facing business services, making it easier to reduce downtime, improve end-user experience, and ultimately capitalize on business objectives.

  • Transactional visibility

CA APM is designed to monitor all transactions 24x7 with low overhead across enterprises and in environments where infrastructure monitoring is not feasible - for example, in virtualized and cloud environments. Transaction-centric and cross-platform capabilities provide real-time insight into transactions as they traverse the entire infrastructure, pinpointing poorly performing or failed infrastructure components for rapid problem resolution.

  • Custom dashboards

Using custom dashboards, CA APM users can quickly and easily present relevant and meaningful data and information to stakeholders across lifecycle phases to help them make informed decisions.

Customized role-based dashboards, based on a common set of metrics with a single source of truth, help ensure enhanced collaboration between teams.

  • Proactive Monitoring

It means the solution proactively diagnoses issues before any impact to the business. In the APM dashboard, all transactions can be viewed, along with real-user sessions and synthetic transactions in a single location.

APM is an excellent tool for giving companies pro-active monitoring and alerting capability.

Additional benefits from deploying the CA APM solution across the application lifecycle

  • Quality applications

Organizations are able to deliver high quality applications with confidence. With an aggressive performance issue identification and resolution process across the lifecycle, the final application released most likely be of higher quality.

  • Quick time-to-market

A single source of truth and common metrics across the lifecycle stages helps to ensure the greater collaboration among teams to collaborate in moving the application through the lifecycle. A deeper and much more granular visibility is intended to enable quick problem resolution of performance issues, thereby making it possible for organizations to roll out applications much faster.

  • Increased availability

Proactive monitoring of performance issues and a low mean time to repair (MTTR) when problems do arise, help ensure that the applications are more highly available to the end users with minimal downtime.

  • Lower MTTR

When problems do occur, problem identification generally takes longer than problem resolution. By understanding whether the cause of the issue is within the enterprise and or with a third party service, MTTR is accelerated. With a deeper and more granular visibility across the lifecycle, teams are able to quickly detect, triage and fix performance issues.

The Business Value of Application Performance Management is a good help to business managers. The solution gives them a unique chance to ensure that when applications are put into production, that the applications and the business processes that they support are exhibiting optimal performance. It also helps to minimize the amount of time it takes to identify and resolve the cause of degraded application performance and the related degradation in the performance of the associated business processes.

Business Applications monitoring

Additional information on Business Applications monitoring service, including descriptions of main vendors products.

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