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EGAR Limits Manager - limit control on creditandinvestment orders and deals. Risk factors aggregation.

EGAR Limits Manager is a real-time risk management system which supports flexible setting of limits on investment and credit operations (orders, deals). It allows to use the processing mechanism for exceeding the limits and provide informative report block.

EGAR Technology specialists have more than 12 years of experience of realization limit management solutions both for Russian and international financial institutions of different profiles bank structures, investment and management companies. The current version of EGAR Limits Manager system is developed in SOA-architecture on the up-to-date Java EE-platform, fully accumulated the company expertise and "understands" the actual problems of risk managers and business-subdivisions, those operate in different financial markets.

System allows:

  • Investment divisions of the banks and financial companies to provide consolidated limits control on trading operations;
  • Credit divisions of the banks to control the sales and the quality of the loan portfolio generated;
  • The Bank's Treasury to control the immediate needs of credit and investment units in assets;
  • Risk managers to unify limits control on investment and loan applications and deals to monitor the overall limits for counterparty for all the bank products, to manage risks both at the level of individual borrowers and at the level of lending products and trends;
  • Traders to check and reserve limits before committing deals, to use the mechanism of test transactions, and various analysis tools.

The limit control system allows to aggregate, structure and effectively use any information affecting the size of the risk.

The distinctive characteristics of EGAR Technologys Limit Manager are:

  • Limit management is realized in real-time mode in a unified system both for investment and credit orders and deals
  • Support deals such as Spot / Forward, repo, interbank, FX Swap, IRS / CSS, futures, options, as well as loans and guarantees, credit lines, overdrafts and financing
  • Large amount of actual limits of different type are preset
  • Online monitors, calculators and tools for a detailed analysis of the limits as well as enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Hierarchical limit structure allows to describe even the most complicated organization and does not have any restrictions on the number of nesting levels
  • System offers different options to customize solutions to manage and control the limits on their own base: from setting the data structure, types of limits and calculation algorithm of utilization and processing to business processes support with combined usage of BPM platforms. Automated recalculation of limits happens on the setting events of the system. Instruments for development of own reports are offered additionally
  • Wide integration abilities of JEE-platforms and the readied set of adapters to interact with different systems allows an easy adaption of EGAR Limits Manager into IT-landscape of the organization and supports the straight-through processing of operations (STP)
  • The system architecture aims to achieve the maximum productivity even on the "limited" hardware configuration, solution easily adjusts the scale and is ready to support business of the biggest geographically distributed financial institutions

EGAR Limits Manager

Risk Management and Limit Control system.
Investment and credit limits (orders, deals).

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