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EGAR E4 Banking – automation of banking business processes

EGAR Focus – trading and risk management platform

EGAR Limits Manager - limit control on credit and investment orders and deals

EGAR Connect - data exchange gateway and integration platform for investment transactions

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EGAR E4 Banking – automation of banking business processes

EGAR Technology offers a high-tech solution on SOA platform – EGAR E4 Banking for automation of a wide range of banking business processes and integration of applications that implement functions for front- as well as back-offices of the banking institution.

EGAR E4 Banking platform is used on the Russian market by banking institutions and financial companies of different scale and business specialization. The solution includes a suite of well-integrated modules to provide end-to-end front-to-back automation of the retail banking operations when dealing with loans and deposits, support the operations of corporate lending, credit risk management, as well as activities of collection units.

EGAR E4 Banking has ready interfaces to most Russian CBS (Core Banking Systems).

Automation of retail bank

EGAR E4 Banking

The system is designed for comprehensive front-to-back business processes automation of retail bank covering a wide range of retail bank’s products and services - both to individuals and to small and medium-sized businesses.

Automation of corporate lending

EGAR E4 Banking

Automation of corporate banking business processes, including the decision-making system and credit risk management.

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