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EGAR Connect - data exchange gateway and integration platform for investment transactions

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EGAR Connect – data exchange gateway and integration platform for investment transactions

EGAR Connect platform provides automated access to trading systems and stock market data sources. Within single application, this solution provides bi-directional data exchange between traders information systems (IS), various exchanges and trading systems, acting as a multifunctional gateway.

EGAR Connect service already has developed ready-made adapters for the most common trading facilities. The package delivery of EGAR Connect gateway includes adapters for FIX-Protocol interaction interface and adapters to Bloomberg, Refinitiv and many others.

Available and Preordered EGAR Connect Adapters

  • Refinitiv - Deals (TOF) – deals such as FX, її from Thomson Reuters Dealing (*ex. Thomson Reuters)
  • Refinitiv Elektron Data Platform - RealTime – quotes download from Thomson Reuters system (*ex. Thomson Reuters TREP)
  • Bloomberg standard – quotes download such as FX, shares, bonds, IRS from Bloomberg sys-tem
  • Bloomberg Data License – reference and market data download from Bloomberg system
  • FIX adapter standard – for deals and quotes download, sending orders to the server and upload of their statuses on a FIX protocol (FIX4.x.)
  • IVolatility DATA – for download of market and calculated data on derivatives
  • MOEX ASTS - currency and stock sections, money market
  • MOEX FORTS Plaza II - derivative sectionn
  • CBonds – data on bonds, coupon schedules, ratings and etc.
  • NSD (National Settlement Depository) – reference data on bonds, as well as on repo deals per basket of Central Bank of Russia.
  • As well as to SWIFT system, dozens of financial systems of banking applications from the leading vendors

For all adapters there are developed mechanisms to monitor the connection status, as well as to provide quick recovery after any possible failures.

The benefits of the platform are:

  • Service architecture allows the use of any data transfer protocols and their formats, configuration of different data paths and their conversion.
  • The system allows you to convert the input data formats to the formats required at the output, as well as the other data conversion for their unification and subsequent use.
  • The solution is based on Apache Camel open technologies. The specialists of the customer can independently develop and modify the entire route of the data necessary to per-form functional enhancements.

Also, when transferring data to external systems EGAR Connect provides data repair queues where the data is stored in case of failure of delivery due to technical problems or because of violation of business rules.

Functional and technical characteristics:

  • EGAR Connect platform supports all basic data types: orders, deals, market data;
  • Addition of new trading facilities occurs without affecting other architecture elements of the system;
  • The system is capable of data converting from trading facilities into different formats for the convenience of their further use - routing, processing, transfer to other IS;
  • The gateway automatically supports data structure changes from exchanges or trading systems without requiring changes in the traders IS;
  • Commands sent to the trading systems can be pre-treated;
  • The Java EE standard of the platform provides unlimited capabilities in scalability and integration with any financial institution IS;
  • The gateway is a high-tech development and due to its modular architecture and API support it allows flexible customization and functionality extension.

Due to built-in visualization tools EGAR Connect platform provides all the necessary facilities for easy customization and administration including visual representation of data routes, managing data routes through UI, viewing interface tables, shipping off data for reprocessing, etc.

EGAR Connect platform is integrated with other basic elements of IT-architecture, deployed by EGAR Technology in the investment solution projects: order management system, financial data distribution services, EGAR Focus trading platform, EGAR Limits Manager - the limits control system and EGAR IVOnline Internet trading solution.

EGAR Connect

Data exchange gateway and integration platform for investment transactions.

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