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2020-07-28 // Bank ZENIT Has Implemented EGAR Technology Solution for Treasury Operations and Liquidity Management

Bank ZENIT together with EGAR Technology Group has implemented Treasury operations solution based on EGAR Focus product line meant to support banking Treasury operations, liquidity management, and offering end-to-end solutions for front, middle and back office divisions of banks and financial companies.

The liquidity solution functionality allows viewing incoming and outgoing balances, incoming and outgoing transactions on the Bank's correspondent accounts during the day. A significant amount of integration with the Bank's internal systems, performed by EGAR Technology specialists, ensured that all the necessary information was promptly uploaded to the system to generate up-to-date instant liquidity reporting, including the loading and processing of swift codes.

The Head of Department of Short-term resources of the Treasury at PJSC Bank ZENIT Svetlana Luzhenkova notes: «The Treasury automation project is a continuation of the collaboration between Bank ZENIT PJSC and EGAR Technology Group, which has proved to be a reliable technology partner. EGAR Technology solution has provided a new level of liquidity management in the Bank that meets the challenges of the financial market and the opportunities of modern technologies.»

Armen Shahnazaryan, EGAR Technology Group CEO adds: «Today, Bank ZENIT PJSC provides a wide range of universal Bank services for individuals and legal entities, the bank has strong positions in the investment services market. We are encouraged by the success of the treasury project, as well as the fact that we were able to offer one of the market leaders the necessary functional coverage and modern technical characteristics of a solution for managing liquidity. We would like to sincerely thank the team and management of Bank ZENIT PJSC for the effective cooperation.»

EGAR Technology group has been collaborating with Bank ZENIT since 2016, doing various projects on banking operations automation and providing technological services. Today the company supports EGAR Focus trading system for financial markets, EGAR Risk & Limits Manager platform for risk management and limit control, and EGAR Connect integration product, which provides interaction between the Treasury and the Bank's investment divisions with internal systems, external data sources and trading platforms.

The EGAR Technology solutions for Treasury operations provides maintaining and forecasting the balance of assets/liabilities and payment calendar, based on consolidated data on credit institution operations, as well as generating consolidated reports on realized, unrealized and total financial results for the selected period, with the ability to detail the results in accordance with the internal accounting structure up to each transaction. Various options for implementing the solution allow to analyze the sensitivity of the balance of assets and liabilities to interest rate risk and liquidity risk, the results of which serve as the basis for developing strategies for hedging these types of risks. Scenario analysis allows you to model changes in the portfolio structure and market indicators and analyze the impact of these changes on the balance of assets and liabilities. The mechanism for managing the business process of funding provides an opportunity to quickly reallocate the Bank's resources and consolidate all funding data within the internal accounting structure.

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