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2019-02-04 // Brief Results of EGAR Technology Group Activities in 2018

2018 became a year of active innovation development for EGAR Technology Group; several internal projects have been completed, new products and services have been released, both for financial market participants and for the non-financial sector.

One more Russian office was added to the structure of regional production divisions of the company, and the total number of EGAR Technology offices has reached eight.

In 2018, in addition to the existing large corporate customers EGAR technology Group has added 7 new structures which have a Federal scale of activity and a leading place in the industry niches of the Russian market. Among them, financial institutions of various profiles, government agencies and retail enterprises.

In 2018, 57 new projects were launched for Russian clients to develop automated systems and provide various IT services offered by the Group.

The beginning of 2019 for the company was also marked by the launch of new large-scale projects.

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