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2016-08-24 // EGAR Limits Manager provides fast pre-trade limits control of operations in financial markets

EGAR Technology Group has launched a new version of EGAR Limits Manager, risk management and control limits system that provides fast pre-trade control of trading operations in financial markets and other applications from various business sections of financial institutions. The solution is focused on investment banks, investment and asset management companies conducting operations in the securities market and money market, as well as on financial institutions engaged in lending, leasing and factoring.

The latest update of the technological platform of EGAR Limits Manager in-creases its performance in general and on different configurations of system hardware and software which is especially significant within the tasks of pre-trade monitoring of investment operations.

One of the most important steps in system optimization is the transfer of all calculations produced in the system to the application servers and databases. This required modifications to the system core of EGAR LM and the use of state-of-the-art development tools.

Modification of the system core made it possible to connect additional third-party components such as external libraries to calculate limits; at the same time it expanded the capabilities of system users at the level of setting and developing proprietary limits.

According to the results of load testing on standard hardware configurations, limits calculating speed has increased, while the authorization time of the transaction has been reduced, making the limits control process practically invisible to the eyes of a trader working with the trading system.

EGAR Limits Manager provides real-time control of limits on investment and credit operations form different perspectives and provides pre-trade and post-trade control of operations. Users are offered a high level of detail on applications, transactions and limits, including historical perspective and decision-making tools.

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