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2015-12-08 // EGAR Technology: Toyota Motor Has Implemented Enterprise Service Bus on Mule ESB Platform

EGAR Technology has completed the implementation of unified integration solution on Mule ESB platform in Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.; the solution provides online integration of ERP and other information systems of the company with the information systems of Toyota dealers.

The implemented solution is intended for connection of Toyota and Lexus dealers in Russia and Belarus to the information sources of Toyota Motor united on the basis of a single integrated solution allowing for real-time detailed information exchange on the entire range of business issues. Significant functional and technological requirements to the deployed system were: high reliability and speed of interaction between the company's information resources, relevance and security of data coming along with the ease of maintenance ensured by a single interface for managing and monitoring of the integration tools.

EGAR Technology specialists performed the design of technological, applied and informational solution architecture based on Mule ESB enterprise integration bus, deployed test and production environments, performed functional and load testing, prepared project design and operational documentation.

Mule ESB is a service-oriented enterprise integration bus with an open source code allowing organizing data flows between various information systems, unified IT space for achievement of high efficiency of use of the current infrastructure, and data exchange between various software applications as well.

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