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2015-09-10 // EGAR Technology Announces Entry into Chinese Tech Market

EGAR Technology Group announces the start of introduction of its solutions and services to the Chinese tech market.

The start of the process was marked with the launch of the new service delivering implied volatility data for China markets on financial portal developed and provided by EGAR Technology Group.

Chinese markets data delivery became possible due to cooperation with DataYes, a financial information management and investment management services company, which provides investors with an innovative first-class global financial services platform utilized by 200+ institutional clients in China.

Initially EGAR Technology service provides datasets for the China ETF50 options introduced in February 2015 on The Shanghai Stock Exchange, but as new options on other equities become available, they will be included as well. Available End of the Day (EOD) historical options datasets on Shanghai options include Raw IV, IV Index, IV Surface and historical volatility.

EGAR Technology in partnership with DataYes are planning to introduce the full range of its solutions for investment banking, risk management, market data delivery and analytics on US, Europe, Asian and Russian derivatives markets.

The new service for Chinese historical options data supply has become an effective addition to EGAR Focus product line offering technology solutions across the three dimensions of the capital markets – across all markets and products; across all business operations and across all sizes of financial institutions.

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