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2015-04-01 // EGAR Technology launches a new version of EGAR Connect ESB

EGAR Technology has completed the new stage of functional and technical development of its EGAR Connect integration platform meant both for using as cross-functional gate to exchanges and external trading system for conducting transactions of banks’ investment departments and financial companies and as a universal ESB.

The brand new EGAR Connect has enhanced capabilities for flexible immediate customization of all integration adapters included in the standard version of the system, t.e. adapters for Reuters and Bloomberg systems, general interworking interface via FIX-protocol, adapters for Central bank, CBONDS, IVolatility DATA, Settlement depositories and SWIFT. The system has embodied adapters for multiple back-office systems and analytical applications of financial companies. The service architecture enables using any data protocols and formats, customize routes and data conversion and develop new adapters a.s.a.p.

The new version of ESB-platform allows easier setup and maintenance procedures. The core of the new EGAR Connect is fully separated from the plug-in modules and can be independently upgraded. The new release presents less setup files, new administrator console and makes available hot updates of some functional elements without service reboot.

EGAR Connect is an integration platform and two-way trading gateway providing organized and unified data exchange between the information systems of the trading participants and external trading systems and data sources. The system allows input data format conversion. EGAR Connect platform meets all up-to-date requirements for reliability and availability of the system imposed by the market participants to key financial applications performance and enables automatic monitoring and notification service. The open-source platform of the solution provides high flexibility and configurability; the system can be easily scaled and functionally developed by IT specialists of the customer.

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