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2014-03-19 // Home Credit Bank has moved to Java EE-version of EGAR Limits Manager – limits management system

EGAR Technology has completed in Home Credit Bank the introduction of a new version of EGAR Limits Manager, the system for risk management and limits control when trading in the securities markets, FOREX and money markets. The system was completely modified architecturally and technologically and the new solution has been implemented on the Java EE platform.

The move of Home Credit Bank into the latest version of EGAR Limits Manager system, the update of which affected all aspects of the system functioning – from innovations in architecture and business applications to the ergonomics of the user interface – included also the migration of all specialized functionality to the new platform, previously developed by EGAR Technology specialists for credit organization, and adding new features.

In the solution based on EGAR Limits Manager, again deployed in the bank, the range of supported operations has been expanded and the processing has been sped up, also due to the previously prepared data for the calculation of limits utilization. In the system a higher level of data detalization on transactions and limits, in a historical context as well, has been realized, moreover the possibilities of data search and analysis have been expanded. Software flexibility and customization have been enlarged – for more efficient creation of new computational algorithms in the system, reports customization, the configuring of individual users’ work environment and the alerts on system events, the mechanisms of setting the rules of transactions authorization have been enhanced as well.

ЕGAR Limits Manager – is a system that allows to monitor in real-time the factors affecting risk size and to control limits both on investment and credit transactions in the various angles – on instruments, issuers, counterparties, and others. The system provides the necessary opportunities on its customization, supports flexible limits set up, customizable processing mechanism of limits excess, and contains the reporting unit for appropriate risk monitoring.

Technology platform EGAR Limits Manager developed in SOA and Java EE standards and can be used together with BPM-solutions for business processes automation. The system architecture is focused on achieving maximum performance even on "limited" hardware configurations.

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