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2014-11-13 // EGAR Technology is a new Misys partner in the implementation of solutions for Securities Market, Treasury and Risk Management

EGAR Technology has become an official Misys partner in the implementation of product lines Misys FusionCapital and Misys FusionRisk, intended to support the operations of financial institutions in the securities market, and to automate the activities of banking Treasury and risk management as well. The agreement has been made within the Misys InFusion Partner Programme and involves the collaborative work of the partners in the Russian market and the CIS.

EGAR Technologys Partner Practice includes, in particular, such products of Misys FusionCapital line, as Kondor, Summit, Sophis and Opics, covering various aspects of front-to-back automation of investment operations when working in the securities market, monetary and commodity markets, both with basic and derivative financial instruments. Misys FusionRisk line includes the systems that accumulate the extensive international practice in the field of risk management and solve the problems of integrated management of various types of financial risks, as well as throughout the entire bank.

Misys representative states, 'EGAR Technology specialists have many years of expertise in the field of banks and investment companies automation, profound knowledge of subject domain and technologies underlying Misys products and also actual project experience with our solutions. The huge resource base and the orientation of EGAR Technology to the Russian and the CIS market allow us to consider the Company as a strategic regional partner and to look forward to a long partnership. '

Gennadiy Ioffe, CEO of EGAR Technology, adds, 'Misys is one of the few Western (Western Europe and USA) vendors that have achieved recognition in the Russian market, offering solutions with not only functional completeness, but also with necessary flexibility for their localization and successful implementation in Russian financial institutions and the neighboring countries. We hope that the opening of practice on Misys products in EGAR Technology will bring new ideas and opportunities, not only for our two companies, but first of all for the business of our existing and potential clients. '

Cooperation of Misys and EGAR Technology involves the creation and the development of competence centres for particular Misys products and solutions, included in the partnership agreement, mutual promotion of these products, as well as EGAR Technologys participation in implementation projects as Misys products integrator and technical support.

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