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2014-10-14 // EGAR Technology: Big Data Tools for banks and financial companies investment departments

EGAR Technology offers financial institutions a new service - the deployment of information environment and tools for working with financial markets data of large and very large volumes (Big Data). The service is offered for the investment departments of banks and financial companies interested in effective decision-making on trade operations with both cash and derivative financial instruments on the stock, monetary and commodity markets.

As a supply is offered the software system, developed by EGAR Technology in Big Data technologies on Cloudera Platform and providing massive data sets management, as well as the data themselves on the US market shares and options for intraday trading.

As part of a new service EGAR Technology specialists are ready to deploy on the customers side the appropriate distributed data structure, to provide its update in real-time, to provide the tools for the applied data analysis and the whole set of technical tools for the management and support of the deployed environment. Moreover EGAR Technology delivers back office, which allows the end users to download to their computers all the necessary data for analysis using the filters on the frequency, data type, history, strike, expiration without any specific knowledge of Big Data technologies. Filters in the back office can easily be extended on request.

Data on stocks and options are widely used by professionals for the organization of algorithmic trading, the development of option strategies and models for more accurate forecasting of option pricing and volatility. However, practically speaking, the need for processing of extremely large volume of information being updated in real time becomes a severe restriction - both a technological and a budget one. Big Data technologies, used in EGAR Technology development and research, as well as approaches to the solution implementation based on free software Cloudera overcome these restrictions and provide financial institutions with the opportunities that were available before only to the largest financial market players.

The proposed solution is easy to scale and is ready for use in the cloud, moreover it has the opportunity working with Internet protocols as well, to cover server clusters built on mass class equipment and distributed throughout the world, has powerful integration capabilities, including integration with historical data sources in various formats. The solution allows to use many already implemented by EGAR Technology calculation algorithms for solving of analytical trading problems and contains means for their customization. Supply of open source platform allows to verify all the necessary security requirements of financial organization.

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